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While travel and mobility have long been perceived as quintessentially human activities and have been particularly associated with voluntary, literate travellers recording their own experiences, the terms can also be applied to animals and involuntary migrants. Irrespective of whether they are voluntary or involuntary, travel and mobility can be placed under different headings and linked to a variety of other concepts, such as displacement, migration, exile, border crossing, dispersal, cultural/economic transfer and communication. Moreover, they have different meanings and call up diverse associations in different historical and cultural contexts.     Read more



Внезапно ни напусна проф. д-р Мария Георгиева, дългогодишен член на БДА и негов председател (2006-2010). Тя направи много за административния и организационния живот на Дружеството и за включването в членския му състав на повече млади български англицисти. Read more

Нова книга: Transcultural Imaginings

Glavanakova, Alexandra. Transcultural Imaginings. Translating the Other, Translating the Self in Narratives about Migration and Terrorism. Sofia: KX – Critique and Humanism Publishing House, 2016. 250 pages. ISBN: 978-954-587-201-3. Read more


14 – 15 November 2014 – University of Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria

The importance, in human civilization, of comparative work and interaction with other cultures can hardly be exaggerated. Significantly, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, a seminal figure in European Enlightenment thought, links encounters with new objects and the making of comparisons to the improvement of human understanding of both self and others. Our present condition of globalization impels us to make comparisons constantly insofar as we incessantly encounter novelties. In other words, nowadays most of us are comparatists. The ubiquity of cultural interaction and comparative work may explain the renewed focus on intercultural and comparative studies in the humanities and interpretative social sciences over the last 20 years or so.

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BORDERS AND CROSSINGS CONFERENCE – Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria 2014


11 – 13 September 2014 – Bolyarski Hotel, Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria

The Department of English and American Studies, Veliko Turnovo University, Bulgaria, the Centre for Transnational and Transcultural Research (CTTR), University of Wolverhampton, UK, and the Bulgarian Society for British Studies had the pleasure of co-organising the 11th Borders & Crossings/Seuils et traverses International and Multidisciplinary Conference on Travel Writing. The conference was  held at the Bolyarski Hotel, VelikoTurnovo,  on 11-13 September 2014. The Borders & Crossings conference series began at Magee College, Derry, Northern Ireland, in 1998, and has since visited 7 countries on 11 occasions in its 16-year history, Bulgaria’s medieval capital of Veliko Turnovo being its first venue in Eastern Europe.

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Решения на Общото събрание – 27.01.2014 г.

1. Поради изтичане на двегодишния мандат на сегашното ръководство  на 29 юни 2014  събранието определи приблизителна дата за провеждането на отчетно-изборно събрание на БДА – края на май 2014г.; 

2. Събранието избра комисия в състав: проф. Татяна Стойчева, доц. Ирина Перянова и Ралица Мухарска и възложи на комисията да подготви до отчетно-изборното събрание предложения за изменения и поправки в устава на БДА; 

3. Събранието реши заплащането на членския внос да се извършва само по банков път. Данните за плащане на членския внос са нанесени на сайта. 

4. Събраниета реши да се ускори издаването на сборника с доклади от конференцията на БДА „Съвременният ХІХ век” в Благоевградския университет (ноември 2012).

 27.01.2014 г.

Председател на събранието:

(Ирина Перянова)

Секретар на събранието:

(Мария Пипева)

Travel and Ethics: Theory and Practice

Edited by Corinne Fowler, Charles Forsdick and Ludmilla Kostova

New York and London: Routledge, 2013

ISBN 978-0-415-99539-9

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New BSBS Bank Account

The BSBS has a new bank account.

Membership dues currently amounting to 25 leva are payable no later than 30 June of the current year to the Treasurer in cash or to:

IBAN: BG17FINV91501215827987
First Investment Bank, Sofia Branch
Beneficiary: Българско Дружество на Англицистите

Shakespeare’s Great Tragedies

Dear BSBS members,

You are most welcome to meet Prof Alexander Shurbanov and hear his talk on his translation of Shakespeare’s Great Tragedies on Jan 25, Friday, 4pm. at the British and American Resource Centre at Sofia University.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Comparisons and Interactions within/across Cultures

Comparisons and Interactions Within/Across Cultures.
Ed. Ludmilla Kostova, Iona Sarieva and Mihaela Irimia.
Veliko Turnovo: St. Cyril and St. Methodius University Press, 2012. 314 pages.
ISBN 978-954-524-858-0

The contributions to this volume are for the most part a selection from the papers presented at the interdisciplinary travelling conference Comparisons, Interactions and Contestations Within/Across Cultures, which was organized by scholars from the University of Bucharest, Romania, and the University of Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria, and was held on three campuses, Bucharest, Romania, Ruse, Bulgaria, and Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria, on 17–20 June 2010. The conference attracted participants from a wide variety of fields, ranging from English studies, itself a cross- and interdisciplinary area of growing complexity, to art history and European identity studies.

The title of the volume is somewhat different from the original topic of the conference. The change is part of an attempt to highlight the key concepts of comparison and interaction, on which most of the forum’s presentations and discussions focused, and to stimulate further reflection on their meanings and roles within contemporary intra- and intercultural research.

The Introduction to the volume examines some interpretations of these concepts. The examination is intended to serve as a theoretical background to the essays in the volume. Without directly engaging with the general points made in the Introduction, they illustrate significant practices in comparative literary study, contrastive linguistic exploration and other areas of socio-cultural research. The essays have been grouped in five sections which, for the most part, cut across the boundaries of specific fields of inquiry. The volume’s editors have sought to organize contributions around recurrent themes in the humanities, such as construction and comparison of identities within/across languages and cultures, interaction with texts and comparison of contexts, the imaginative construction of cultural others, exploration of the past through the lens of the present and, last but not least, the relationship between politics and aesthetics in culturally and temporally different milieux. This list of topics is by no means exhaustive and is open to modification in future books of proceedings. Readers will probably notice some overlapping – in the sense that certain papers could easily fit under two or more of the suggested headings. Far from being a defect, this testifies to the complex thematic structure of the submissions and to the fact that they could be approached from different viewpoints.

Readers can access the volume and read some of the essays at: