CFP – The Life of Others: Narratives of Vulnerability

Call for papers for a special issue of Canada & Beyond: A Journal of Canadian Literary and Cultural Studies (Spring 2018 issue) Guest Editor: Eva Darias-Beautell

This special issue invites contributors to offer a critical examination of Canadian cultural production with an emphasis on the discursive modes that deconstruct the hegemonic structures that produce vulnerability. We also wish to invite research articles that interpret the present condition of (un)willed adjacency in its real and metaphoric possibilities as a site of production of violence and vulnerability, but also (potentially) of lucid creativity, exposing, soliciting, seducing “in ways that sustain us but also in ways that can destroy us.”

Possible areas of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • urban poverty,
  • the medicalized body,
  • indigenous activism,
  • colonial violence,
  • migration and war narratives,
  • ecological vulnerability,
  • the posthuman seduction,
  • emotional precarity,
  • sexuality and (trans)narrative desire,
  • gender and agency,
  • technological liquidity,
  • queer creativities,
  • precarious labour,
  • (non)narratives of resistance,
  • narrative ethics and the post-truth moment.

Comparatist and interdisciplinary approaches are most welcome.

Submissions should be uploaded to Canada & Beyond’s online submissions system (OJS) by the deadline of June the 1st, 2017. They will be peer-reviewed for the Spring 2018 issue.

More information: here

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