Invitation to Third JGU Literary Conference

Literature has been talked of as mirroring the society. In that sense, the social, political and cultural aspects of society have found expression in it. Somewhere down the line, the individual psyche too became the prime focus in literature. If moral and philosophical messages were deduced from anecdotes and literary compositions at one time, we now see the reversal with the ideologies guiding the production of literature, as for example, the belief that it is the language that writes and not the author. The high tide of globalization has further impacted the outlook and methodology of literature. The present scenario identifies multiple concerns in literature, produced in a melange of styles, and the diversity is only growing with each passing day. It is, therefore, meaningful to discuss the emergence of latest trends in literature produced in English, whether in India or abroad.

The aim of this international conference is to encourage academics, scholars and practitioners representing an exciting diversity of countries, cultures and languages to meet and exchange views and gain from one another’s experience.

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